Monday, May 21, 2007

Soap Sadness

What is it with all this sadness in the soaps? Don’t they know I already feel miserable enough without them plotting sad story lines to make me feel even worse.

First we have Neighbours and Stingray’s operation hits complications. Leaving his life hanging in the balance. (Sorry that’s later in the week, I’ll have to stop reading the TV mag)

In Emmerdale last week Len died and that woman sung that song 'Time to say Goodbye' As they drove him out of the village.

Last night we saw Ian and Phil, from EastEnders, in a car crash which ended with the two young boys, Peter and Ben, stuck in the car as it goes under the water

Tonight I turn on the TV and Freddie, from Coronation Street, has died in a fire. How will Ashley and Claire cope?

I think I will just turn the TV off and go to bed until I'm feeling happy again.

Hang on. The firemen have finished in the Peacock household. They didn’t find little Freddie burnt to a cinder. The questions have begun.

Now that’s better, I like a good mystery. And there's alway Shane Richie to look forward to on Wednesday. Oh Shit that was last Wednesday, I missed it. I'll just have to make do with a picture.

Shane Richie


Loganoc said...

I'm more bothered by Hollyoaks BEING EXACTLY LIKE MY LIFE currently but I know I'm just projecting.

Ladybristol said...

Umm well at least you're not like Becca, she's dead and reading you blog, you are far from that!
Live life and enjoy :)