Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cuff's Anyone?

Here are some quotes from a TV program I watched today.

‘’Jamie son, go to the car and get daddy’s handcuffs out of the glove compartment’’.

‘’Multi-orgasm one night, dinner the next. I think that’s ticking all the boxes’’.

First man: ‘’I think I would trust her judgement’’
Second man: ‘’I can’t do that’’
First man: ‘’Why’’?
Second man: ‘’She married me’’

Umm I wouldn't trust him either.


Mike said...

haha very funny.

I love jokes about how marriage separates people from being intimate. I hope people don't mean it...

Ladybristol said...

Hi Mike, It was a TV program so not real life.
Took a look at your blog, you need to update it.