Friday, May 04, 2007

French Anyone?

I have received, in the past, scam emails from people I didn't know promising lots of money. Of course these just got deleted and I gave them no further thought.

A few days ago I received this one:

From :
laziz abudul
Reply-To :
Sent :
29 April 2007 20:03:39
Subject :
J'attends votre réponse


Je sais que cette lettre de proposition pourrait vous parvenir comme une surprise considérant le fait que nous n'avons aucun lien entre vous et moi ,ni aucune relation amicale auparavant. Mais de toute façon je voudrais pour l'amour de DIEU que vous ayez une attention immédiate en vue du fait que la sécurité de nos vies et biens sont a ce prix. Je soussigné M. ABUDUL LAZIZ, le Directeur des Audits des Comptes de International Bank of Africa au Burkina-Faso dans l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

And on it went in French.

I'm not sure if my non-compliance to the other emails was the reason for this one but I think he thought he may get a response if I didn't know what the hell he was on about. (I don't speak French).

The email went on and on with such words as:

décédé dans un accident
$7.120 M USD(américains).
un pourcentage de 30%

As I said I don't speak French, but even I can guess the meaning of the above. In Short: someone has died, they have left $7,120,000 and I will get 30% if I let the cheque go through my account and send the money on to International Bank of Africa.

So what do you think? Should I ?


Fat Sparrow said...

Yep, that cartoon says it all. That's the real reason the computer's in the living room, and the Fledgling Sparrow is monitored while she uses it. For an Honor Student, she's a right gift.

Ladybristol said...

Kids! Who would have them? Well not men that's for sure