Friday, May 11, 2007

No Tobacco, No Alcohol, No Oral

In recent years the health department have been shouting from the roof tops about our smoking and drinking habits, urging us to cut down or cut it out altogether. Now the scientists have found something new that will cause the public to go into a frenzy and the health experts to condemm us if we partake it in.

''What is it''? You may ask.

Well one of the last free (well most of us get it free) indulgents which a lot of men and women get great pleasure in giving and receiving is under threat. That is the act between two or more adults of cunnilingus and fellatio. For those of you who are less familiar with these words, for you it is: giving head, going down on, sucking off, licking out, blow-job and I expect many more slag words I have never heard of, or I would deny it if I had.

Go HERE to find out why oral sex is so bad for you.

I can't help thinking that maybe the scientists have no sex life and have found a way of putting us off ours.


M said...

Well, I confess I have been left speechless!!! (and that's a rare thing) Perhaps we should all agree to date at least one scientist this year in an effort to bring joy back into the world.

Ladybristol said...

Haha. I think that is kindness itself, but not sure if I could be nice to someone who wants to put a damper on my fun :)

Jose said...

Shit, I'nm not even going to read what they have to say. It's not like I'm going to listen to them anyway.