Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Wish I Could Afford A Beryl Cook

Girls Night Out

I've never been very interested in art. Yeah some pictures/paintings are nice to look at, but that's about all I feel about the subject. That is, except for Beryl Cook I first noticed her paintings while I was still living in Plymouth. My then boyfriend sent me a card, not sure why now, and it had one of Beryl's paintings on the front. From then on I was hooked.

The Painting on the Front Of My card

A lot of Beryl's paintings I can relate to as a lot are set in Plymouth, the, once seedy, Union Street part. This is where I used to go every weekend. It's where most of the town centre's pubs and clubs were based. It was also the main place you could pick up a 'woman of the night'

Girls in a Taxi
Beryl has lived in a number of different cities and moved to Cornwall in 1964 and then on to Plymouth. When I met Beryl's grand daughter a couple of years ago, we discussed Beryl at great length, although that was not the reason why I was meeting her grand daughter, and that is when I found out that Beryl had moved to Bristol.

Beryl is still painting pictures of the local area as seen in the picture below.
Bristol Packet
If you ever feel the need to buy a present for me, look no further than the Beryl Cook aisle of your local art gallery.