Sunday, May 20, 2007

Don't Mention The Word 'Blog'

Mornin Tim, oh it's afternoon already. Afternoon Tim.

So what was it you were saying at the pub last night? Oh yeah something about ''Not just once'' I really should record what you say and then I would be able to play it back to you when you were sober. (You're not allowed to do that to me though)

Trev was saying something about 'that' night a couple of weeks ago. Something about ''Taking advantage of'' Not sure if he was talking about you or me. I can't remember a thing from about 10pm that night, no more vodka for me.

Last night was a bit quiet at the pub, or was it just that I was sober? One good thing about staying sober, I didn't lose my coat and accuse anyone of pinching it and my phone was still in my bag when I got home. (Sorry that's two good things)

(must have been before 10pm as Tim's not in the pic)


Tim said...

That was Trevor winding you up - it's a hobby of his :-)

Ladybristol said...

Ummm. Well I'll believe you Tim, thousands won't :)

luize said...

the link to the details of the space really need to be updated! no pool table! no pedigree ale!
The Space is looking the same as always. Dark, dingy and somehow homely

Ladybristol said...

Yeah I know but don't the picture of the pub in the link look nice, I think it's a different one!!