Saturday, June 10, 2006

And I thought it may have been different

We've just finished watching the England game and what a disappointment it was.

I had left my home at 8.30 this morning, after over sleeping for two hours, to collect my daughter from uni. I broke all the speed limits on the way there, packed the car in record time and then broke all the speed limits on the way home, except for the bit of the M27 where traffic was at a stand still due to an accident We arrived home with 15 minutes to go till kick off. I parked the car in the drive and rushed over to our local, leaving all my daughters stuff still packed in the back.

We walked over to the pub and by the time we got served the first half was already underway. We had our pints in hand just in time to see the one and only goal of the game. Yes the goal was good but the rest of the game was the usual boring England side we have seen so many times before.

We only stayed in the pub for the first half and watched the rest at home. Half way through the second half I looked at my daughter and had to ask her what way England were shooting, so boring was it that I had lost concentration. She had no idea because she was reading the free paper we get delivered every Saturday, she said it was more interesting then the football. It wasn't until we spotted our Goalie we knew what goal we were aiming for.

I can only hope that England change their tactics and play to score goals for a whole game by the time they play Trinidad and Tobago.


Belinda said...

england did not deserve to win that match at all, paraguay did i know you know we all know it, ah well it could be worse

Ladybristol said...

Hi Belinda. Yes you're right They didn't play well at all. Good luck to your teams.

Michelle said...

I was so excited by it as well, and it was boring. I hate all the excuses about the heat.

Ladybristol said...

Hi Michelle,
I was wondering if the same excuse would be accepted by my boss, I could do with the week off to watch the footy!