Saturday, June 10, 2006

Waiting to go out, very bored - from 16/02/06

With three hours to go, I have already washed and dried my hair and the clothes I am going to wear tonight are ready laid out on my bed. I wonder if I will be phoning my daughter for advice tonight? She has been able to answer my questions in the past and has been very good at giving just the right one, I wonder if she will be on the end of the phone tonight for me just in case I need her?
Umm not sure if I should drink tonight or just stick to coke. True enough I do like my vodka, but I did manage to go out last night and not a drop touched my lips. I know I think a lot better and clearer when I don't have a drink, just one drink can effect my judgement as most ppl in my mobile know, sorry if I have text you when I have had a drink, take no notice. I did sort my numbers out the other day so some people won't be harassed anymore by midnight texts and phone calls. (I'm sure they know who they are by the fact I haven't text them)
It's Friday tomorrow and I can't believe I have had the week off and have don't nothing, well apart from going out every night. I still have lots of paper work to do before Monday so I think I will have a busy weekend, that's if my hang overs aren't too bad.
My youngest daughter went to stay with family on Friday but when I phoned to see how she was on Monday she was ill so I ended up going to Buckingham to collect her. I am used to driving but it's usually mostly motorway, the trip to Bucks was dreadful, loads of road works and mostly A roads.
Well I just got a text from my friend and we're going out a bit earlier so I had better go and put some war paint on. Bye for now

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