Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Creative Times - Originally posted 10/12/05

What a nightmare I am going to have trying to figure out when I need leave. If all is well then I will need more leave, but not on the days when I will be at home anyway. And then there's the question of 'how many do I want to watch, all of them or just select a few?' And then if I just select a few, which ones? I think I am going to have to study the timetable closely and do a bit of creative appointment booking so I am home for as many as possible. For those people who don't work, they have no worries, they will be the lucky ones, unless they don't like it of course, then they will be the unlucky ones, they will be wishing they worked by the end of it.

Up date:-
I worked it out, don't need too much time off just the odd hour here and there, well that's if I only want to watch England's matches.

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