Saturday, June 10, 2006

Busy again - from 02/04/06

Well I've had quite a busy weekend really. Went out with friends on Friday night, Umm not a bad time. We tried somewhere new and it took me a while to get into the swing of it, but a few vodka's soon took care of that.

Saturday I met up with some other friends and we went off to see Bristol City. We started the afternoon in The Robins pub. We got there quite early about 11.30 I think. I was supposed to be giving a lift to a friend and his family but ended up getting a taxi.

The night before I had driven my car to my mate's and left it there while we went into town. On Saturday I walked back down to my mate's house, jumped into my car and turned the key. Nothing. Turned the key again, still nothing. I sat for a couple of minutes wondering 'what now'. I phoned my friend who I was picking up and explained about the car. We went through a couple 'could it be' and the car still wouldn't start. We did manage to work out it wasn't the battery and came to the conclusion it was most probably the starting motor. There wasn't going to be a quick and easy solution so we decided we had better phone for a taxi. The chap on the control at the taxi firm was really nice and sent a five seater to collect me. We chatted football all the way to pick up my friend and his family. It turned out he used to play football and his brother used to play for Cheltenham and was captain for Gloucester County.

We arrived at The Robins with time to spare before another friend, who was coming from Yeovil, arrived.
The game was quite good with Bristol City beating Yeovil Town 2-1, although Yeovil looked like scoring a second all through the second half. The City supporters were relieved to hear the final whistle but all I wanted to do was find out how Plymouth Argyle had got on. Then I heard it. Plymouth had beaten Wolves 2-0.
Off to the pub to celebrate. We were going to call back into The Robins but we were cold and still a bit wet from the down pour at half time so we decided to go a bit more local. A couple more beers and a chip butty later I decided it was time to go home and have a nap before meeting them later at my local.

Back home I sat and relaxed on the sofa, my eyes feeling very tired, I finally gave into sleep. I woke up at 3am, TV still on, and too late to go to the pub.

Sunday morning and my car was still at my friends house. I text my other friend, who's partner is brill with cars and explained my predicament to her, Once again she came to my rescue and arranged for her partner to pick me up and go to have a look at my car. About two minutes after we arrived at the car he had found what was wrong. One of the cables going to the starting motor had broken off and was hanging loose. We bump started the car and I drove it to his house. While I sat drinking coffee with my friend catching up on some gossip, he was outside, hard at work under the bonnet of my car. He came in briefly to show me the broken cable and then he was back outside fixing it. Half an hour later it was all done.

Now I'm back home looking forward to the two weeks I have off work. My daughter is due home next weekend and we are off to the theatre on Saturday, really looking forward to that.

Just heard the ping, so my tea must be ready.
Bye for now.

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