Saturday, June 10, 2006

Watching with Interest - from 14/02/06

Will Plymouth Argyle be the only team to beat Reading from the Championship league this season? It's not looking very good for any other team at the moment. Reading are at the top of the league, 12 points clear of their nearest rival, Sheffield United, who only managed a draw against them tonight.

Mean while Argyle are creeping up the league and are now 15th and still with a game in hand over 9 of the teams above them. They play Coventry City on the 18th at their home ground of Home Park. Coventry are currently one place above Plymouth but I have a feeling that after Saturday, Argyle will be waving good bye to them as we head on up the league again, leaving behind teams who when you use to say 'Plymouth Argyle' to them they used to say 'Plymouth who?' Well no more is that the case, Plymouth are a team to be reckoned with and anyone who thinks they will be a push over should think again.

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