Sunday, June 04, 2006

Christmas Meal - any offers? - Originally posted 01/11/05

How hard can it be for 15 people to agree on where and when they want their meal and what they want to eat?

It’s been 3 weeks now and still all we have is a date. Numerous restaurants have been phoned and menus faxed but all have been rejected. Either the location is not right or there are not enough veggie options, and we haven’t even talked about cost yet.
Should we have a traditional dinner or something a bit different?

As you could have guessed the decision is split.

What we need is somewhere that offers a Christmas menu with a difference but still includes turkey. It has to be in a central location, so those who want to drink can get to it easily and leave their cars at home and if possible a ‘bring you own’ so it don’t cost the earth.

If you think you can organise our Christmas meal for us, please do, everyone in the office is fed up with trying.

3rd Nov......Up date.

We've got somewhere that at least 3 of us agreed on so its settled.
A place not in the centre, which doesn't do traditional, but does offer pheasant, which I love and is very expensive. We can't sit til 9.30 so we will all be pi**ed by the time we get there. I think it will be a good night.

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