Wednesday, June 28, 2006

School's Out, Forever

I've just got home from picking my daughter up from her prom. Two of her friends are staying the night with us and they have come straight in and taken their lovely dresses and high heels off. I don't think any of them are used to wearing such 'lady like' clothes.

They all had a good time and so did the teachers that attended by the sound of it. Stories of teachers trying to kiss other teachers and drunken teachers were being giggled over in the back of the car on the way home.

This will be the last time all of the year group will be together and apart from picking up exam results in August, the last time my daughter will have anything to do with the school. The next stage of her life is about to begin and with it will come extra responsibility. Let's hope she's as grown up as she likes to believe and that she will be able juggle her college work with the extra social life that comes with making new friends.


Shabudabu said...

Great photo.My prom was 4 summers ago and it seems the dresses are still the same sort of style (phew!). Anyway, I'm sure she will be fine and even if she mistakes along the way in her college years, she will learn from then and mature even more.

Have a wonderful summer. :)

Ladybristol said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. I'm sure she will be just like her mum and make lots of mistakes along the way, but as long as I am there to help her up again she will get on fine.
Hope you have a nice summer too :)