Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Know the answer - Originally posted 18/11/05

Ah I know the answer now.

It's the way that the people go to work that makes the difference. If the car didn't drive that way then it would make it a lot easier. Then when the kids go to school they would know. But its not that easy really. What would happen if the shops didn't open and the kettle didn't boil? Well these are resolutions I haven't worked out yet.
When I was chatting last year sometime, it was worked out. But now its gone and now that christmas is imminent, well who knows.
Its Tuesday tomorrow and that means the red will be yellow and when that, the sky will fill with goats. My name will not be Roger and no one will devour mash potato.
If we sing of sorrow, does that insinuate snow the next week? i may not be an elephant, but I do comprehend that sometimes we may have to eat. Jam is not hot enough to be any assistance to the problem, so why talk about it?
Well I know why, its because the coal is black and the cup is empty.
Ummm I must fill up my glass, brb. HANG ON, what about the ear lobes? They would be just disorganised if the glass was dry. High temperature has a lot to say. They consider life in a diverse approach. If the table has to be martian, then its possible that my leg is efficient in its attitude.

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