Sunday, June 04, 2006

Next Friday - Originally posted on 25/09/05

This is the last Sunday for a while both my daughters will be at home. As most of my friends know, my eldest is off to Portsmouth next Saturday. I am really pleased for her but I will miss her so much, never thought I would be saying that. We are off out next Friday night to say bon voyage, leaving my youngest at home with 4 of her mates, god knows what I am going to be coming home to or even if I will have a home to come to.
Anyway back to next Friday, it’s also a meet for the Bristol room on Lycos so I will be meeting lots of friends and lots of new people. We usually have a great time so I am really looking forward to it but because my daughter is going it will be extra special. She will get to meet some of the people I sit and chat to and have a laugh with, and the reason why I sit laughing at my pc screen, I’m sure she thinks I’m mad.

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