Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spiced up _ Originally posted 01/12/05

They are trying their best. They have spiced it up. They have added black pepper to it in an attempt to attract more buyers. It used to be a popular choice years ago, but now I don't know anyone who eats it. It's about the cheapest of it's kind you can get, but some wouldn't put cost before quality.

I, personally, wouldn't buy it for my girls, but one does eat it, but in a different disguise, which, of course, costs a lot more. My other daughter would stare at me with a look of disbelieve on her face if I even suggested it while out shopping.

I don't think its just the taste, but the texture of the stuff as well, that modern day people are sickened by. It has a slightly gooey consistency, when it is chewed and a very bland flavour which wouldn't entice the hungriest of children. The presentation is not much better, although now, with the added black pepper, it may have a bit more colour to it.

I think time will tell if the new image gets the thumbs up from the shoppers. Keep an eye on the shelves at Tesco, if you blink you may miss it.

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