Saturday, June 10, 2006

Endings - from 05/02/06

Well I don't think I should be writing this now because I have just come home from the pub, but I am going to anyway.

It's sad when something ends, even if that something wasn't a regular event. It tends to leave an empty feeling, like something is missing. if you've been use to either talking to someone or seeing someone and that suddenly stops, what is there to replace it? if you had warning that it was going to stop then you can plan what you will do instead, but when you think it is still there and then realise that actually it has gone and you didn't even notice that it was going, then it is hard to accept. You are always hoping you are wrong, that there is something still there, but in you heart you know that the person you thought you knew is no longer there.

Wouldn't it be much better if people were able to be up front, no matter what the other persons reaction will be, then everyone will know where they stand and be able to move on much easier.

Be open and honest there's no better way to keep friends.

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