Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another night of fun - Originally posted 20/10/05

Hi all. seems ages since I last wrote anything on here, so thought I would quickly jot something down.

Met up with a group of friends last night and what a great time we had, well I hope everyone did, I know I did. I had promised myself I wasn't going to drink so much but I forgot and ended up drinking quite a few vodka and cokes before going on to the water , a tip I got from my daughter to help with the hangover the following morning. (how come she knows that, shes only 18)

Started off in the pub next to the club we were going to so didn't have to fall far from one to the other. Lots of new faces to meet and all very nice people, shame i forgot I had my phone cam, could have added some very interesting pics to my space lol.
It was really nice to see a friend who hasn't been out with us for quite a while, glad to see you haven't changed Rich, but next time leave the ice cubes in your drink.

When I woke up this morning I remembered why I wasn't going to drink so much. I was taking my daughter to the train station at 9.30!! I really surprised myself and was out of bed by 9 and on my 2nd coffee by 9.15, yes you guessed I still felt drunk. One more coffee and we were on our way to the station. Why do places like that have to be so noisy on a Saturday morning, and me with a thumping head. We got her ticket and waited for the train in the cafe with yet another coffee. 10.22 her train pulled in. I saw she was safely seated, then waved her off for the next 4 days. Bliss, the house to myself. No cooking if I don't want to, no being a taxi services, no waiting to use the bathroom in the mornings and thats not even thinking about the money I am going to save as she can't go out with her mates. Well, have a great time Amy, no need to rush home lol

Since Amy left I have chatted to a few people on msn and took some milk over to a friend so we could have a coffee while we caught up on the gossip from last night and now I think I need a nap. So until I write again, nite nite

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KILROY_60 said...

Drink water while you're drinking alcohol. It won't dilute the alcohol, but it will deter the headache and make any hangover far less severe.

The 18 year old, thankfully, still has a lot to learn.

Next time, you can raise one to your new friend across the pond. And I will do the same. cheers!!