Monday, June 05, 2006

Making a Change (for a Wednesday anyway) - Originally posted 30/11/05

Well we have sorted it at last. It took a while, but we have come to an arrangement, which we are both agreed on. It's not the usual thing for us to do on a Wednesday, but then again this Wednesday is different. We both deserve a reward and that's what we are going to get. They say a change is as good as a rest, well we could both do with a change, not too sure about the rest though, I don't think we will be getting much of that. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery too, so will be killing two birds with one stone, and, no, one of them isn't Tracey, although I wouldn't mind one of the tee shirts.

Oh and that's another thing, what am I going to wear. It's a bit cold for a skirt, but I shouldn't really notice that after a while. But then again, it is the afternoon and not too sure a skirt would go down too well. Umm, may have to be jeans. And if I wear my jacket, there and home again, I shouldn't need a jumper.

All sorted then, oh apart from my daughter. Do I tell her I have a change of plan for the afternoon or no? If I do, she will want to be collected from school, cutting short my afternoon. If I don't tell her and she phones me during the afternoon she will guess I am not in my usual place. I think I may have to suggest she goes to friends after school so she won't want a lift. Yeah good plan.

Now I am really looking forward to tomorrow, hope it's as much fun as I imagine it will be.

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