Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Nettle Eating Championships Held in Dorset

I knew there had to be a reason I don't live in Dorset and today I found out what it was. They're all mad.

I just heard on the kid's news thing on the TV that they had the World Nettle Eating Championships there last weekend.

Large men, obviously very proud of their nettle plants, turned up to see if they could gain the tittle of World Champion.

Women, dressed in their finest Sunday dresses turned out to cheer on the large men, and look on as some women tried to match the eating skills of the men.

The winner was Ed Brooks. He scoffed 48 feet of nettles and was thrilled with winning the title, although he didn't break the world record which is jointly held by Simon Sleigh and Simon Slater (maybe sonething to do with the name Simon) who have both managed to keep down 74 feet of nettles in one sitting.

Jo Carter from Weymouth and Liz Gray from Bath shared the womens' title - they both ate exactly 26 feet of nettles.

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Chandira said...

Good Lord! Were they cooked? That would make a difference. I've eaten some tasty nettles, but they were cooked, and mixed into my mum's mashed potatoes when I was a kid. Mm... They're very good for you! Apparently. (Cooked!)

(Lady that WAS from Bristol)