Saturday, June 10, 2006

RSI - from 03/06/06

Because I'm not planning to go out this weekend I decided to spend my energy doing something else. I thought I would start with the garden.

In my garden I have a bit which goes down the side of my house. At the end of this there is my shed, which I keep allsorts of crap in. Well I have some more crap to add to it so I thought I would go and check out how much room I have in there and how much more I could squeeze in.
So out into the garden I went. Bloody hell it was hot out there, I didn't notice before cause it's the first time I had ventured out of the house today. So off come the jumper leaving only a strappy top, much better. WhenI turned the corner of the house and looked down the side I had the shock of my life. Why is it that when I can't grow anything green or keep house plants alive, do I have hoards of weeds, some of which are up to my waist?

Back into the house and a quick look under the sink found the weed killer. I have two different ones, both in a spray bottle and both with quite a bit left in them.

Back out into the garden and I start to spray the offending weeds. After about 5 minutes of spraying my wrists were hurting so much I had to have a rest. Making myself a coffee I remember the dogs are in the garden. One quick bang of their biscuit cupboard and they are in, without, I hope, having gone near the weed killer. I think next time I am home and bored I will keep my back door closed and find out what awaits me outside the front one.

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