Saturday, June 10, 2006

Horsing Around - from 08/05/06

On Saturday I went up to a nearby farm where my friend, Paulette, keeps her horse. I was only giving her a lift as I don't really like horses, well to be truthful I am afraid of them, ever since I was thrown off one when I was about ten years old. Anyway I couldn't leave without having a good look around and started to wander.I met Pete, the farmer, who was busy shearing some sheep and found some chickens locked in a small barn. As I walked in between the barns I spotted a horse which was heavily pregnant. As I stood thinking how glad I was that I didn't have to give birth to something as big as a horse, Paulette came over and told me that the horse was due to give birth within the next couple of days.Paulette went into the enclosure and made a bit of a fuss over the horse while I waited on the outside, making sure the gate didn't open. We stayed about five more minutes and then made our way home, discussing on the way where we were going to go that night.
Sunday morning I received a text off Paulette to say that the horse had given birth a couple of hours earlier and would I give her a lift up to the farm again so she could see the new foal. I couldn't resist. I threw on some clothes, picked Paulette up and headed for the farm.When we arrived the owner was there with about 5 other people who also keep horses there. We went into the enclosure, I was feeling a bit braver since I reckoned the horse would be more interested in her foal than biting me, and Paulette give the new mum some of her polos as a reward for doing such a hard job.

The photos were taken about 5 hours after the foal was born.

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