Saturday, June 10, 2006

The first of two this month - from 05/03/06

Plymouth Argyle have moved up one more place since I last wrote about them. Saturday saw them win against Brighton, although they should have won by a bigger margin, it was still a win. Their next match will be the first of two against Preston this month. Preston are nine points ahead of Plymouth in the Championship and are currently at 6th position. The two teams haven't met this season yet, a match was postponed eariler this year due to the pitch being frozen, so there is no past match to look back on and see how they played against each other.
With a win on Tuesday Plymouth could well go up into 10th position as the three teams above them, Coventry, Luton and Norwich, don't have their next match until Saturday 11th March and only one point below Ipswich. (watch out Jack we're coming to get you) If that happens it will be the highest Argyle have been in the Championship league since the beginning of the season and with the form they are on at present, they won't be stopping there.

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