Friday, June 09, 2006

Yesterdays Events - from 08/01/06

After time to reflect on yesterdays events, I have decided that its not that bad really.

Feeling a bit low anyway, I drove home from Portsmouth listening to talk sport, following every word that was spoken. No mention of Plymouth for ages and then a round up of the scores so far. Plymouth were 1-0 down. Well there was still plenty of time for them to score and it being such an important match, I was sure they would. Other teams were putting the ball in the net like there was no tomorrow but it was not to be for Argyle. Even with me, all by myself in the car randomly shouting out comments like 'come on you can do it' and 'ffs just one goal, that's all you need' didn't help things. Although there were lots of mentions of other teams such as Southampton, who won their game 4-3, Plymouth's name was not heard again. I got home just in time to get the full time scores on the TV. Maybe, just maybe they had scored and it had not been reported on talk sport. I was hoping against all odds that is what had happened. But my hope soon turned to disappointment. There it was on the TV for all to see. Wolves 1 Plymouth 0.
But as I said at the begining, its not all bad. Now Plymouth can concentrate on the matches they have left in the league. Without the distraction of the FA cup I am sure they will be able to climb up to at least 13th or 14th position by the end of the season, keeping them in the Championship for another season.

And if you're wondering, Yes my cup is always half full!

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