Saturday, June 10, 2006

Secret Viewing - from 26/03/06

After going out Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday night, by the time Saturday night came I was too knackered to do anything except veg out in front of the TV. Well, I thought, no problem, its ages since I watched all the good weekend stuff and I was quite looking forward to it. That is until I started to flick around the channels (not only a man thing), and couldn't find one thing which was mildly interesting or entertaining or even mind numbing, where you can sit with your eyes on the TV but your mind somewhere else. Bloody hell what was I going to do now. I know I should have come home earlier the night before and maybe not spent so much money. That way some energy and the funds would be there if I wanted to go out.

After sitting and wallowing in self pity for about 10 minutes, debating whether or not to walk over to my local I remembered the TV had a hidden extra, something which I had received a letter about and put in the bin after reading just the first sentence. TELEPORT. Now was my chance to see what my money had been paying for each month, what my daughter had been watching the other night when I sent her up stairs because I wanted to chat to my friend about 'adult' stuff.

With remote in hand I pressed the interactive button. God how come I hadn't noticed before all this extra stuff my TV could do? The answer probably has something to do with me never being at home since I had found my local, just five minutes walk from my house.

My friend and I have renamed the pub 'The queen Vic'. It's just like the pub in Eastenders. Lots of fights in the bar, regulars who arrive straight from work and don't leave until they are kicked out by Dave the landlord, several couples swapping partners, without each of them knowing they are doing so and the best thing of all, the landlady. If you want to know who went home with whom or what time that bloke you fancy was last in, she's the one to ask. I don't think there's one thing that goes on in the pub that goes unnoticed by her and she passes her knowledge on willingly to anyone who wants to know. She will even make it her business to single you out to tell you information if she thinks it is something you should know. Dave, the landlord, though not quite as bad as his wife, also knows who is with whom and who should be with who and if they are not with each other he will ask!!

Anyway, getting back to the subject I was writing about, Teleport, I was able to watch the second part of dramas I had missed, only being in to watch the first part. Even though I had to watch the first part again to remind myself what it was about. And then there's Cracker. I used to love that when it was first shown. I watch one of the episodes last night and couldn't see why I ever liked it in the first place. Funny how time changes lots of things for no apparent reason including what and who we like.

I'm not taking any chances next weekend, I've already got my time arranged. Friday night is town night and Saturday i will be at the city ground watching 22 men trying to play football (don't ask it's a long story) but the best bit is the pub crawl after. Watch out Ashton here we come.

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