Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Help Needed - Originally posted 12/12/05

I only just realised, when I was cooking tea for myself and my daughter, what the gas strike could mean for us. We have a gas cooker, so not much cooking is going to be done. Well that's a blessing in disguise for me, I don't like cooking and I see eating as a necessity to staying alive, so not a problem, the girls can live on takeaways without me feeling guilty. But what about my heating and water, both run off gas. I could still boil the kettle to make my coffee, and if all else fails I could drink vodka for the duration of the strike, but boiling enough for a bath, well thats just not going to happen. Thats our first problem.
The second is the heating. I'm not the warmest of people at the best of times and so with no heating I think I may have to take to my bed and stay there until the gas man goes back to work. I will need at least two hot water bottles, one for my feet and another for my body, oh and some bed socks for when the hot water bottle goes cold.
If you can help with bed socks or bottles please let me know, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks

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