Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup on TV - from 04/06/006

I have at last found the BBC and ITV schedules for the world cup.
You can find them at :-,16741,6849,00.html


Happy viewing


Time has run out

Well another week of leave has come and gone and tomorrow I will be back at work. Feeling really miserable now.
but I can't really complain, the weather has been sunny and I have been lazing around all week, althought I was supposed to be getting a lot done in the house, once again I haven't. Maybe my next leave will be different, I've only got 2 weeks to wait for that then I'm off for another week. Lucky me.

This is where I work. You'll be forgiven if you think it's a prison, it's not, but it is in Hartcliffe and why we need barbed wire around it.

The one and only Symes House

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