Friday, June 09, 2006

Argyle on the box - from 03/01/06

I'm not sure if that was a real football game I just watch or if it was a practice session. If Plymouth think they will be able to make it in a league where there are top class teams, they will have to think again. I sat and waited with anticipation for Argyle to show me why they are now in the Championship league, but all I saw was a side who couldn't pass the ball to one of their own players if their life depended on it. What a disappointment.

The first half wasn't too bad and Argyle managed to hold their own againt Leeds but during the second half, Leeds showed why they are at the top end of the league. their passing was far superior to that of Argyle's and their accuracy in placing the ball just where they needed it was what won them the match in the end.

Plymouth's next game will be against Wolves on Saturday, the last time they met the score was 1-1 so lets hope Argyle get some practice in and tighten up on their passing and get though to the next round of the FA cup.

Plymouth's man of the match, in my opinion, was Akos Buzsaky. I only hope he stays at Argyle and dosen't decide to move on just yet.

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