Saturday, June 10, 2006

Strange Protection - from 07/05/06

What a crap week it's been. I started the week not quite my happy self and that's how it seemed to continue until Friday night.
I've had to write reports at home most nights, when I haven't been distracted by more enjoyable subjects, and it's been busy in work too. I was glad when Friday came and the clock was getting closer to 4.30, that magic time when the pc gets turned off for a whole two days.
Unfortunately 4.30 came and went and I was still in work, well, out on a home visit to be more precise. One where the police were just about to become involved. Luckily I wasn't on duty and I was just helping out the duty worker so at 5pm, while she was still trying to sort the situation out, I was on my way home, planning the evening ahead.And what a good night it turned out to be.
We went to our usual place but it seemed different, not sure why. Whether it was me feeling happier or the fact that I was just glad to be out with no responsibility I don't know, but what ever it was I had a great time.
I was out with my mate, Paulette and her daughter Kate and unlike other weeks where we stayed together the whole evening, I hardly saw them. Not too sure what they were doing, but I was on the dance floor most of the night, apart from when I was at the bar.
There was this one bloke there whom I had met for the first time while getting a drink. I, being friendly and a little nosey, well very nosey, started to talk to him, asking him things like 'Where do you live? What job do you do'? etc. etc. We talked for about 10 minutes and off he went. (It's surprising how much a nosey person can find out in 10 minutes. I think I know his complete life story). Anyway, after that meeting, every time I turned around he seemed to be there, right behind me.
I didn't take any notice at first but then he started to get on my nerves. Every time I went on to the dance floor and there was the slightest hint that a man may join me, he would come up to where I was dancing and look at the man. Then he would turn to me and say 'You ok?' This happened several times and each time I told him I was fine and he would then stand at the edge of the dance floor watching. Also, during the evening he seemed to be there every time I texted my friend and on one occasion he asked who I was texting, I told him it was a friend.
At about 12.30 my friend arrived, the one I had been texting. I had just give him a hug and said hello when, there he was again, the man. Again he asked if I was ok and I replied 'Yes'. I was quite annoyed by now and needed him to stop bothering me. I walked up to him, he was still standing watching me, and whispered in his ear, 'You know that friend I have been texting all night? Well that's him' It did the trick, he looked at my friend and briskly walked away, never to bother me again.
I'm not sure what his problem was or why he felt the need to 'protect' me, but I hope he doesn't try it again, I don't think my patience will last so long if he does.
The rest of the evening carried on in the way that it had started, lots of fun, only now I had my friend with me and knew that things could only get better

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