Saturday, June 10, 2006

Energy - from 04/03/06

After a night of drinking, I have woken up surprisingly full of life. Not sure what I should do with all this energy, Saturdays are usually spent recovering, so this is a bit of a strange feeling. I have already changed the covers on my sofa and done a general tidy up in the sitting room. I was thinking about stripping the paper off my bedroom walls ready for someone to put some more up for me, I don't do decorating so I need a man who can. I did, by chance, meet one of my daughter's old class mates last week, Dan, brother of Bree. My friends and I and my brother and his partner, went to the pub last Saturday and I think I must have had a few too many because I found myself saying, 'right all back to my house' Something I have never done before but the boyfriend of one of my friends, friends, was this guy who knew my daughter. We didn't realise this until about 3am and he had been at my house about 2 hours by then. Anyway, he is just finishing a three year painting and decorating course and, being the nice lad he is, offered to come and decorate my bedroom for me, for free. How can I refuse an offer like that. Think I had better go shopping for wall paper today, not sure what I want, I may call in and get my friend to help me find just the right one. Well that's enough of me rambling on, I had better go and find something to do with all this energy.

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